Jul 28, 2023

From PluginLab to Kobble: Embarking on a New Chapter

Kevin Piacentini

The Genesis of PluginLab

In 2023, we set out with a clear ambition: to make it easier for developers to create, share, and monetize ChatGPT plugins. This vision gave birth to PluginLab, a platform designed to empower developers to quickly launch plugins built on their APIs.

Rapid Growth and a Marketplace Revelation

Our journey began with an overwhelming response. We experienced rapid growth and quickly observed the unique dynamics between the traditional internet and the GPT Plugin marketplace. Unlike anything before, GPT plugins proved to be a vibrant marketplace, significantly driving traffic and engagement.

The ChatGPT Phenomenon

In a landscape where developers traditionally gained a few users per month after launching a new product, the ChatGPT ecosystem was a revelation. Plugin developers began registering thousands of new users weekly, showcasing the unprecedented potential of this new marketplace.

Monetization: A New Frontier

This insight led us to explore monetization with, supporting developers worldwide in generating revenue from their plugins. Our monetization feature's success prompted us to commit fully to this project, transforming our platform into a pivotal tool for developer income.

A Year of Success

After a year, our customers had generated millions in annual revenue through our platform. Inspired by this success, we envisioned going beyond PluginLab to create something even more impactful.

Introducing Kobble

Thus, Kobble was born. Our vision with Kobble is straightforward yet ambitious: to help developers make money from their creations. Our mission is to provide the best toolkit available, enabling developers to build incredible APIs and monetize them effortlessly.

Kobble vs. PluginLab: A New Era

Kobble is not just an upgrade from PluginLab; it represents the evolution of our learning and experiences into a platform that is more stable, reliable, and powerful. Kobble is PluginLab reimagined and supercharged.

This blog post is not just an announcement; it's the start of a thrilling new journey. Welcome to Kobble, where we bridge the gap between development skills and financial freedom.

Kevin Piacentini

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