May 30, 2024

3 most important mistakes to avoid when coding a SaaS

Kevin Piacentini

The 3 Most Important Mistakes Developers Must Avoid When Launching A SaaS

Launching a new SaaS is a challenging but rewarding endeavor.

However, even the most skilled developers can fall into common traps. Here are the three most critical mistakes to avoid:

1. Building for the Wrong Audience

One of the cardinal sins in SaaS development is creating a product without a clear target audience.

Many developers fall into the trap of building something they think is cool without validating whether there's a real need for it.

Tip: Start with a problem that you or others face. Validate your idea as soon as you can by honestly asking yourself if this is a real thing or if your solution would be just cool. Go for some user interviews and ship something as soon as possible. This approach ensures you're building something people actually want.

2. Overengineering the MVP

Another common mistake is spending too much time perfecting the initial product. Developers often overengineer the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), adding features that aren't necessary for initial users.

Tip: Focus on the core functionality that solves the primary problem. Launch quickly with a lean version and iterate based on user feedback. Remember, the goal of an MVP is to learn, not to be perfect.

3. Neglecting Marketing and Sales

Many developers believe that a great product will sell itself. While quality is essential, neglecting marketing and sales efforts can doom even the best SaaS products.

Tip: From day one, think about how you'll reach your audience. You must focus on two things:

  1. talking to your users

  2. coding your product


Avoiding these three mistakes —failing to understand your audience, overengineering your MVP, and neglecting marketing and sales— can significantly increase your chances of success.

By staying focused on solving real problems, iterating quickly, and actively promoting your product, you'll be well on your way to building a successful SaaS.

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Kevin Piacentini

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